The image as case for War

September 01, 2013 - Paris

In today’s situation if feels that the –imminent- decision of western countries to intervene in the Syrian mess had been triggered by those horrendous images. Not by the reality, but by images of reality.

Surface and volume – Antoine d’Agata’s “Anticorps” exhibition

March 15, 2013 - Paris

A photographic print is in essence on “object” of limited charm, of little potential desirability in its physicality. It is a sheet of paper. Granted this “paper” can have various sizes, as well as various textures, and even weights. Yet it remains a “poor object”. Which accounts for all the efforts put into their presentations, be it in portfolios, or within frames hung on walls.

The art of the intelligent New Year’s card.

February 15, 2013 - Paris

This year, the very best New Year's "card" i received came from Laurel Parker, a bookbinder with whom I’ve worked over the years -mainly on the “Trimester Prints” project-. As soon as I opened the envelope, I was struck by the care with which the “object” was wrapped. First a wrapping paper, then some white cardboard –with a piece of red tape which said “Fragile”-, protecting what turned out to be a blank hand bound book.