“Ponte City” by Subotzky & Waterhouse : tentative d’épuisement d’un lieu.

March 10, 2014 - Paris

What happens when the job at hand is to document a 54 story high building, former architectural jewel/utopia, and current rat hole, just about to undergo some serious transformation? That is the question Mikael Subotzky was facing when he began his work on the tower of Ponte, in Johannesburg in 2007. His answer is a […]

Surface and volume – Antoine d’Agata’s “Anticorps” exhibition

March 15, 2013 - Paris

A photographic print is in essence on “object” of limited charm, of little potential desirability in its physicality. It is a sheet of paper. Granted this “paper” can have various sizes, as well as various textures, and even weights. Yet it remains a “poor object”. Which accounts for all the efforts put into their presentations, be it in portfolios, or within frames hung on walls.